Bath / beach towel (Peshtemal)

Bath and/or beach towel (Peshtemal)

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Used in the Turkish baths for centuries, 'Peshtemal' is a traditional Turkish towel, absorbs water as fast as towels, dries five times quicker and are extremely lightweight and easy to carry in your bag, luggage or storage. 
Peshtemals do not only provide practical, cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions (it consumes less cotton or bamboo in production, also water and detergent to wash), but also an elegant look as trendy beach towel (sand free!), pareo or sarong.

Basically perfect for everyday use at the gym, sauna, spa, yoga centers, hotels, travel, pool, beach or simply on boat.

Last but not least, it is unisex.

They are hand woven from 100% bamboo ...

Additional Information

Bath and/or beach towel made of bamboe with different colours This towel is very soft therefore it has a nice quality. You can make it a small package in your bag. So that, it is very convenient for travelling.You can have it in beautiful colours like; creme white with brown or orange strips or with multiple cheerful strips next to each other. Use as : universal towel, beach towel, sauna towel, just towel or shawl etc. 

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