Crochet necklaces with beads and tatting

Needle crochet necklaces with beads

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These necklaces are made with an handmade crochet needle technique known as "oya" which is Turkish traditional needle lace, naturel stones and cotton yarn. 
At edges there are beads in various colors or natural gemstones in green or reddish. 

Five different style of them available in the store at the moment. Please see photographs of them to see each.

Additional Information

The fine crochet handmade necklaces with beads especially in soft colours are very elegant. 

You may wear this beautiful beaded crochet necklace with a wide range of outfits: denims, pants, skirts, tank-tops, shirts, etc.

These crocheted chain necklaces are handmade by  a number of local women in corporate context. This keeps for the region retain distinctive beautiful traditional handicrafts and of course creats a branch of income for the women from rural villages.

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