Tatted necklaces

Tatted (Oya lace) necklaces

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Tatted necklaces with flower motives to cord in 2 colours - pink and black

How beautiful is this crochet (oya) pendant, perfect over a sweater or with a sleeveless dress. Using the traditional Turkish needle lace technique
known as Oya, it is a symbol of delicacy, patience and beauty. It is made of hundreds of stitches and knots using a very thin needle and thread. With this chic, lightweight necklace, you are getting a time honed, handcrafted technique unique to European culture.

You can wear them as a choker or at longer lenghts.

Please see additional infromation section for details on Oya Technique

Additional Information

The history of the decorative edging known in Europe as ‘Turkish lace’ is thought to date back as far as the 8th century B.C. to the Phrygians of Anatolia. Some sources indicate that needlework spread from 12th century Anatolia to Greece and from there via Italy to Europe. Traditionally, the headdresses and scarves women wore on their heads, the printed cloths, and prayer and funeral head coverings were decorated with various kinds of oya, which was also used on undergarments, to adorn outer garments, around the edges of towels and napkins and as a decorative element in many other places. In the Aegean region even men’s headdresses were decked with layers of oya. Oya edging, which appears all over Anatolia in various forms and motifs, has different names depending on the means employed: needle, crochet hook, shuttle, hairpin, bead, tassel to name just a few. Sewing needle oya is a variety that was produced by affluent, aristocratic, urban women. The most beautiful examples of such oya, which was usually made with a sewing needle using silk thread, were produced in the Ottoman Palace.

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